C4 Ultimate OTG 12/12 oz Bottles

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12 Pack. Superhuman Performance. Non-Carbonated Formula. Energy To Perform. Tap Into Our Ultimate Combination of Explosive Energy and Superhuman Performance to Dominate Your Work, Workout, and Life. CARNOSYN. This Patented For Of Beta-Alanine Has Been Clinically Shown To Fight Fatigue And Improve Muscular Endurance. Within Minutes Of Drinking C4, You May Feel A Tingling Sensation From Beta-Alanine, Signaling That Your Body Is Primed For Superhuman Performance. BETAPOWER. This Clinically Studied, Natural Form Of Betaine Is Derived From Beets, A Powerful Superfood That Supports Hydration And Physical Performance. No Artificial Colors. Naturally Flavored. Zero Sugar. 0 Calories. 300mg Caffeine.


Do Not Use This Product If You Are Pregnant Or Nursing. Not intended for children. Recommended for adults. Store In A Cool Dry Place. Do Not Freeze.

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