Bucked Up L-Glutamine 250 Grams

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Key amino for muscle recovery. L-Glutamine boasts a mass of clinical research to support its claims

L-Glutamine can be the perfect addition for anyone seeking: (1) reduced muscle soreness, (2) accelerated muscle recovery, (3) improved cognition, (4) healthier gut, (5) overtraining-chance reduction, and even (5) hyper hydrated cells for potent pumps. 


No one knows your goals and your body better than you. With our perfectly dosed ingredients, you can take all the guesswork out of it, no pharma grade scales needed here. Create your own stacks and formulas tailor made for your specific goals. These economical and precise unflavored ingredients the perfect add on to your: pre workout, amino acids, protein, smoothies and more.

Whether it': extra beta-alanine for the tingles, citrulline and arginine for pump, DAA for test support, creatine for cell volume, or glutamine for recovery on top of your Deer Antler Velvet, make the BUCKED UP Raw Line your go to for breaking plateaus and surpassing your goals.*

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