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Brain Boost+. Nootropics, GABA, Alpha-GPC, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, American Ginseng, Vitamin C & B-Complex, Caffeine From Green Tea & Yerba Mate. 100mg Clean Caffeine. 40 Calories Per Can. Naturally Flavored and Sweetened. Low Calorie. Non-GMO Tested. Certified Vegan. Kosher. Paleo Friendly. Certified Gluten-Free. No Sodium. With A Refreshingly Natural Watermelon Mint Taste, the Nootropics and 100mg Of Clean Caffeine (From Green Tea And Yerba Mate) In FocusAid Provides Fuel For Your Brain. We Love Drinking The Crisp Brain-Boosting, Plant-Powered, Super-Goodness Ice-Cold With Lunch Or Right When That 2pm Zoom-Doom Hits. Enjoy a FocusAid At Work, School Or Whenever You Need To Kill The Brain Fog. Only the Good Stuff, None of The Junk.


Not Recommended For Children Or Women While Nursing Or Pregnant. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Consult Your Physician Before Starting Any Supplement Regimen.

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